Directed by: Hélène Choquette
Written by: Hélène Choquette, Sophie Mangado
Cast: With Robert Lepage and the actors of the Théâtre du Soleil

Documentary filmmaker Hélène Choquette has won multiple awards at home and internationally. She casts an unflinching yet empathetic gaze on people whose voices would otherwise remain silent: THE REFUGEES OF THE BLUE PLANET, CHILDREN OF CHERNOBYL, AVENUE ZERO, FISTS OF PRIDE and UNITÉ 9: LE DOCUMENTAIRE.

Lepage au Soleil: At the Origins of Kanata


In the spring of 2016, for the first time in 54 years, Ariane Mnouchkine entrusts her troupe, the Théâtre du Soleil, to another director. Robert Lepage then embarks on the creation of Kanata, a work that imagines the meeting of Europeans with First Nations people of Canada over a period of two centuries. After more than two years of work, the rumour of a show about First Nations people without their direct involvement sparks debates in the Canadian media, and soon in Europe and the United States. Its creators are accused of cultural appropriation while no one has seen the show.

LEPAGE AU SOLEIL: AT THE ORIGINS OF KANATA shows how, the 36 actors from 11 different countries, discover in their own stories an astonishing resonance with those of the natives. How, inspired by the cosmopolitanism of the troupe, Robert Lepage tries to get them to talk about their own stories through those of the Indigenous peoples of Canada. The documentary plunges into the heart of a theatrical creation in search of universality, but turned upside down by a media scandal even before its premiere.


Distributor in Canada: Filmoption International

Broadcaster in Canada: Société Radio-Canada