Directed by: Hélène Choquette
Written by: Hélène Choquette

Documentary filmmaker Hélène Choquette has won multiple awards at home and internationally. She casts an unflinching yet empathetic gaze on people whose voices would otherwise remain silent: THE REFUGEES OF THE BLUE PLANET, CHILDREN OF CHERNOBYL, AVENUE ZERO, FISTS OF PRIDE and UNITÉ 9: LE DOCUMENTAIRE.


May 19th and 26th 2018

Where to Watch

The foundation of the Parti Quebecois, the election of Pierre Elliot Trudeau and the month of May in France, the Prague Spring, the assassinations of Marthin Luther King and Robert F. Kennedy in the United States: 1968 – 50 years later takes a look back at the many events of this memorable year of the 20th century on a global scale. This documentary, in two parts, unites archives and interviews with more than a dozen figures, such as Robert Charlebois, Louise Forestier, Gilles Duceppe, Guy Rocher, Donald Cuccioletta, Paule Baillargeon and Alain Geismar, who remember the unique state of mind that reigned at the time, between student revolts, ideology debates and political crisis'.