Directed by: Brigitte Poupart
Written by: Brigitte Poupart and Fabiola Pierre Monty

À Travers tes Yeux

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Fabiola’s biological mother gave her up for adoption because she was hoping for a better future for her. 20 years later, Fabiola returns to Haiti in a self-discovery journey with her sister Justine and myself to meet women.

These women either played a role in shaping her life or embody the reality she might have faced had she stayed in Haiti. Yolette Vital, the director of the Port-au-Prince nursery to which Fabiola was entrusted. Ginette Gauvreau, director of Soleil des Nations, who suggested Fabiola to us for adoption. Adeline Bien-Aimé, director of the Port-au-Prince halfway house for restavek young girls. Rosemyrtha, a 19-year-old young woman staying at Adeline’s house who has lived as a restavek for almost 10 years.

Brigitte Poupart