Directed by: Elza Kephart
Written by: Elza Kephart & Patricia Gomez Zlatar
Cast: Romane Denis, Brett Donahue, Sehar Bhojani, and Kenny Wong

Director's Notes

Slaxx is first and foremost a movie about killer pants! This totally insane idea came to Patricia Gomez Zlatar and me in a flash. Before we even knew it was going to be a critique of the fast-fashion industry, we wanted to see pants that kill! The social commentary naturally wove itself into this outlandish concept, and soon became the heart of the film.

The true monster is not Slaxx, but the Canadian Clothing Clothiers, who will stop at nothing to make a profit. Fast fashion is an industry that exemplifies how unbridled capitalism and amoral globalization are literally leading us to our deaths; I wanted to bring this criticism to light while using humour and over the top gore.

Director's Biography

A graduate of Emerson College (Boston) and the Canadian Film Center’s Director’s Lab, Elza’s first feature film, Graveyard Alive – A zombie nurse in love, played in over 20 international film festivals including Fantasia, Fantasporto and Sitges, winning the Kodak Cinematography Award at the Slamdance Film Festival. It was distributed on TMN, on DVD by Maple Pictures, and in theaters.

Her second feature film, Go in the Wilderness, premiered at the Festival du Nouveau Cinema, played in various international film festivals, and is being distributed on various platforms, including itunes. She has obtained development financing from Telefilm, SODEC and CALQ for the feature scripts Night of the Pendulum, Le fantôme de la Libération, Brothers in Arms, and Sweet Blood. Sweet Blood was selected to the 2012 Frontie?res Co-Production Market, the 2017 Torino SeriesLab, and pitched at the Series Mania Co-Production Forum (Paris). Her slasher- comedy project SLAXX was selected to pitch at the 2017 Frontières Co-Production Market.

She has attended the TIFF Talent Lab, the Berlinale Talent Campus, and the Telluride Student Symposium. She is one of the co-founders of the Montreal chapter of Film Fatales.



When a mild-mannered, average, size 12 cashier working alongside pencil-thin society girls in a trendy clothing store witnesses their grisly deaths at the hands (legs?) of a possessed pair of designer jeans, she must get to the bottom (ass?) of what’s driving the evil SLAXX and try to stop the slaughter.


  • Fantasia International Film Festival (World Premiere), Montreal, Quebec
    • Best Canadian Film
  • Fright Fest, UK
    • Best Monster Award
  • Celluloid Screams - Sheffield Horror Film Festival, UK
  • Festival de Films Fantastique de Gerardmer, France
  • Grossman Fantastic Film and Wine Festival, Slovenia
  • Mile High Film Festival, Colorado, USA
  • Rendez-vous du Cinéma Québécois, Canada
  • BIFAN, South Korea
  • Fantasy Film Fest, Germany
  • Slash Film Festival, Austria

Distributed on SHUDDER

Distributor in Canada: FilmOption International

Distributor in Japan: King Records

Distributor in Germany: Koch Media

Distributor in Indonesia: PT Falcon

Distributor in Scandinavia: Falcon Films

Distributor in Spain: Filmin

Distributor in Portugal: Vendetta

Distributor in the Middle East: Falcon Films