Directed by: Phil Sheerin
Written by: David Turpin
Cast: Anson Boon, Emma Mackey, Mark McKenna, Michael McElhatton and Charlie Murphy

The Winter Lake


Alienated and wistful, Tom (16) has relocated from the UK to Ireland, with his Irish- born mother, Elaine. While exploring the dilapidated farm where he now lives, Tom comes across an oddity that is the farm’s a turlough (a seasonal lake), at the bottom of which he discovers the skeleton of an infant. Unsure of what to do, Tom conceals the remains among his belongings. Not long afterwards he and Elaine become involved with Ward and Holly, the father and daughter from the neighbouring farm. While Elaine makes tentative steps towards a relationship with Ward, Holly learns of Tom’s secret discovery. Playing on Tom’s attraction to her and his protective impulse, Holly draws him into a warped psychosexual mystery. Inexorably the network of lies and secrets begins to unravel, pulling Tom into a violent confrontation with the darkest parts of human nature, in Elaine, Ward, Holly - and himself.

Epic Pictures (World)
Film Option International (Canada)