Directed by: Hélène Choquette
Written by: Hélène Choquette

Documentary filmmaker Hélène Choquette has won multiple awards at home and internationally. She casts an unflinching yet empathetic gaze on people whose voices would otherwise remain silent: THE REFUGEES OF THE BLUE PLANET, CHILDREN OF CHERNOBYL, AVENUE ZERO, FISTS OF PRIDE and UNITÉ 9: LE DOCUMENTAIRE.

A Dog’s Life


Where to Watch

A Dog’s Life looks at stories of homelessness through the emotional bond that exists between homeless people and their dogs. At a street corner, in a squat or a rooming house, the documentary shows how homeless people struggle to find stability with the help of their faithful companion. Without judgment, the film explores the reality of having a dog when you have no roof over your head. Shot in Montreal and Toronto, the film portrays a universal reality for thousands of men and women facing homelessness in major american cities.


Vancouver International Film Festival, October 2015

Festival du Nouveau Cinéma, Montréal, October 2015

One World, People in Need Film Festival, Prague, Czech Republic, February 2016

Hot Docs, Toronto, Ontario, May 2016